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You Already Have the Freedom Coaster™ System Installed Hospital Wide!

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No installation work or fees, no antennas or paging terminals, no multiple systems, no training in how to use the system – you already have an extremely reliable system installed. And this system is up and ready to work in every nurses' station, waiting room, food provider and shop of your hospital.

The Freedom Coaster™ system is your reliable American Messaging Pager System; the same one that your emergency room doctors and nurses use every day to provide instant response for rapid medical treatment. Your Freedom Coaster™ system can be activated immediately; set to specific frequencies just like your pager system so there is absolutely no interference.

Freedom Coasters come in stacks of ten rechargeable units (see photo). These work just like the units you get in restaurants with the important difference that the distance you can travel is not 20 yards – it is literally hundreds of miles of freedom for your patients and families. “What if you have small children who need to be shuttled somewhere, need something from the cafeteria, or have to run a quick errand,” observes Gena Sprow of American Messaging, “handing someone a Freedom Coaster™ allows them to maintain some semblance of their normal life, while still having the assurance that they can be immediately contacted by the hospital. “

The most important aspect is complete flexibility within the hospital. You may have more than 20 waiting rooms in your hospital: from the emergency room, to surgery, to each separate discipline. In addition you may have an outpatient clinic, a pharmacy, an admissions office – all involve waiting. And waiting is not something that your patients and their families suffer gladly. Getting a typical system for each one of these needs is prohibitively expensive with exhaustive maintenance. This forces you into deciding which areas to cover while foregoing all the rest, leaving your clients miserable.

The Freedom Coaster™ provides one hospital wide system. “You can track the Freedom Coaster through your paging software system,” Sprow points out. “Or in special situations a nurse, for instance, could use simple speed dial on her cell phone - giving her complete freedom to notify family while remaining involved in client care.” The Freedom Coaster™ provides freedom on both sides of the system.

3 FREE months with two year contract.

“The Freedom Coaster is well named. Now our clients are free to access our entire campus and even go home if they want. From surgery to a prescription, they are a couple of button pushes away from being alerted.”

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