Are You New to Two Way Paging?
Thinking of purchasing a 2-way pager or have you purchased one already? Then this page is dedicated to you! We at American Messaging would like you to get the most out of your 2-way pager and service. With a 2-way pager and American Messaging you now have reliable wireless e-mail access in the palm of your hand.

Benefits of a Two Way Pager

  • Reliability of paging with the efficiency of email
  • Send messages to people not inboxes
  • Stay connected with affordable wireless email
  • Discreet communications - even when you are in meetings
  • Receive emails even when your PC is off
Send email to a name, not a number!
When you register at, you can create a personal email address for your 2-Way Pager.

Frequently Asked Questions
Can someone SMS my pager from their mobile phone?
How can people send an email to my 2-way?
Can I send a message from my American Messaging 2-way pager to other carriers 2-way pagers or text pagers?
How do I send an SMS to a mobile phone?
Can I get Info-on-Demand using my 2-way pager?
Am I able to receive personalized updates to my pager?
How do I forward my hotmail or yahoo email account to my 2-way pager?
How do I set up my Outlook Express to forward my email to my 2-way pager?
How do I set up my Outlook to forward my email to my 2-way pager?

* Most major, national wireless carriers provide interoperable text messaging.
  Please check with the mobile carrier if you have questions about their participation.

Additional fees from MSN or Yahoo may be required.