Frequently Asked Questions

Is support provided for alpha numeric paging software?

We can tell you how to set up the software to communicate with our systems, but support for usage or malfunction of the software should be requested from the company that developed the software. On the Windows system, this usually can be found in the About... option in the Help section of the Menu bar.

Where can I get the paging system dial-in (TAP) phone number for my pager?

Please request this information through an eMail on the Contact Us page. Please be sure to include your area code, city, and state location in the eMail.

What protocol do you support?

We support the TAP protocol.

What is the baud rate?

Generally, a setting of 9600 works, though this setting can vary depending on the TAP (modem) number called. Please Contact Us if you are having problems with this setting.

What about other settings?

Stop bits, parity, and other settings usually work at their default setting, though your software may have them configured differently. Please Contact Us if you are having problems with these settings.