Ways to Send a Message

Send your message with American Messaging
Stay connected with your colleagues, partners and customers by making sure they get your message. With American Messaging, you can send your message reliably and quickly in any number of ways.

Keep it simple by sending a message to a American Messaging pager using many of the most popular email programs available today. With email and American Messaging paging, you can send important messages to people, not to computers - your messages won't go unnoticed sitting in an email "inbox". If the recipients have 2-way pagers, they can respond to your email messages immediately.

Send messages with confidence by connecting real-time to the American Messaging paging network. If timely message delivery is critical, connect via Simple Network Paging Protocol (SNPP) and receive confirmation that our network has received your message. You can also visit our messaging website, www.MyAirmail.com, to send messages instantly. This exclusive website will allow you to receive delivery confirmation from our network - if the recipient has a 2-way pager, you can even get confirmation when the message is received by the pager. And, if you install messaging software, you can connect real-time to our network right from your personal computer.

Keep it private by using the latest in paging network protocols, Wireless Communication Transfer Protocol (WCTP). All your information may not be sensitive, but when security is paramount, utilize the messaging protocol that contains some of the same security features of the most advanced e-commerce sites in the world‡. Plus, with its supported advanced features, you can create automated programs to receive full round-trip delivery confirmation of messages - provided that the recipient has a 2-way pager.

‡ Messages sent via radio frequencies (RF) are not guaranteed to be private or secure.

How do I send a message using e-mail?
All American Messaging paging customers can be sent a message by sending an e-mail to their 10-digit pager number @amsmsg.net. And if they have registered at MyAirmail, you can send an e-mail to their MyAirmail name @amsmsg.net.

Example 1: 8005551212@amsmsg.net
Example 2: lname.fname@amsmsg.net

Because e-mail uses the public Internet, we cannot guarantee that we will receive all messages sent via e-mail. If your message is of a critical nature, please choose a different method for sending your message.

For more information, see Email Messaging - Frequently Asked Questions.

What if I don't have access to e-mail?
Not a problem. You can send a message to a American Messaging paging customer from nearly any Internet connected computer. Just launch your favorite Internet browser and go to www.MyAirmail.com - specify the recipient, type your message and click "Send Message", or you can install third party messaging software on your computer and connect easily and reliably. For more information visit our paging software page.

What is MyAirmail and how do I use it?
MyAirmail is American Messaging's messaging website. It has the following features:
  • People who send messages can use this website to quickly and easily send messages to American Messaging paging customers
  • Paging customers can register and get a wireless e-mail address like "@amsmsg.net"
  • Non-paging customers can also register and setup a personal address book for easier messaging to co-workers, vendors or customers
  • Messages sent from MyAirmail are tracked and confirmed as received by our network and if the recipient has a 2-way pager, you can get confirmation that your message has been received by the device

What if I need automated alerts, but I cannot develop a custom application?
One of the easiest ways to automate your alerts is to send your alert via email. Unfortunately, email doesn't guarantee when, if ever, our network will receive your message. For time critical alerts, you should connect real-time to our network using either SNPP or WCTP. Both of these connection protocols enable you to verify that our network has received your message.

What's the difference between SNPP and WCTP?
SNPP, or Simple Network Paging Protocol, is one of the original ways established to connect real-time to our network. This protocol relies on "telnet" to send messages. While SNPP does provide confirmation that our network has received your message, it does not provide confirmation of delivery down to the 2-way device, and it does not support security.

WCTP, or Wireless Communication Transfer Protocol, was designed for the secure transmission of alphanumeric and binary messages from automated, server-based systems to and from 2-way devices.

How do I use SNPP?
To use SNPP you must "telnet" from a computer on your network to our SNPP server at snpp.amsmsg.net, port 444. You should verify that your firewall allows outbound connections to port 444. Once connected, you should press the "Enter" key, and you should get a banner screen that says, "SNPP Ready," if all went well.

If you do not see this banner, you have not successfully connected to our SNPP server. The following are the supported SNPP Level 1 commands: PAGE, MESSAGE, RESET, SEND, QUIT, and HELP.

Please visit our SNPP page for the latest information on obtaining software and connecting via SNPP.

What do I need to know to use WCTP?
Using WCTP requires that all messaging operations be "well-formed" and "valid" as defined by the XML specifications of the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) and adhere to the Data Type Definition (DTD) file specified by American Messaging.

Please visit our WCTP page for the latest information on connecting via WCTP.

Who should I contact if I have additional questions?
Contact Customer Service at 888-247-7890.